No doubt over the new year period you will be bombarded with FaceBook advert after FaceBook advert offering discounted rates on fitness packages or gym memberships. It can be overwhelming to know which is best and will work for your goals, timetable, and family commitments. In this post, we are going to give some advice and tips on how to effectively start a sustainable fitness plan. Firstly, beware of the new year deals, these may seem like a great bargain, but they finish as soon as they start, and success rates of people sticking to them for more than a month are often low. Plus, we don’t want a new year kick we want a sustainable lifelong commitment to health and fitness.

Tips for success

  1. Even though it’s a new year, often a good place to start is to reflect and identify reasons why you haven’t reached your previous goals. Was it time commitment? Poor time management? Or simply your fitness wasn’t a priority in your life. Be honest with yourself and right down the key reasons you haven’t reached your previous goals.
  2. Start gradually, a new year’s kick start will probably be to intense leave you feeling overwhelmed. Honestly, it’s going to take at least 12 weeks before you see any results, ease in at a pace that suits you. We begin every new year cycle with a reactivation week. This is low intensity basic movement patterns with a little light conditioning to get the body moving again. You must build into intensity and volume, smashing yourself on day one may seem productive and blow out the cobwebs but this can catch up with you later on. Find a pace that suits you.
  3. Form habits. Going with the theme of building sustainable fitness programmes. Forming daily habits that support your fitness goals is essential. PLAN your days our, make time for training, food prep and recovery around your work and family schedule. Also plan your fun and social time try to keep this to new hobbies that will not hinder your goals! Taking up new sports is a great way to socialise and get fit at the same time.
  4. Invest your time wisely, you don’t have to commit the time of a professional athlete to make progress. Seek a structured programme that will ensure the our you have at the gym has improved you in some form of capacity. Time management is a corner stone to success there is always time to train even if it’s a 15-30-minute window. Find a coach that can help make your schedule work for you.
  5. Build an engine, high intensity training is great but you have to earn the right to train at higher intensity’s. This again takes TIME adding low steady state intensity work such as a 30-60-minute row bike or jog will do wonders for both your heath and athletic performance. Again, start gradually and build volume slowly.
  6. Healthy mind healthy body. Take 10 minutes a day away from the world and meditate, organising your head space will help you to clearly stay on track to your fitness goals and remove the shit that prevents you. Positive self-talk, visualisation and breathing exercises are used by many athletes for good reason. We need to train between the ears just as much as the physical side.