CrossFit Galleon

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning programme utilising constantly varied, functional movements performed at a high intensity. At CrossFit Galleon we specialise in not specialising, viewing fitness as broad and inclusive. All CrossFit workouts are completely scaled to meet the fitness level and needs of any individual. At CrossFit Galleon we do not bias a single or certain aspect of fitness and view routine as the enemy, expect to be exposed to a wide variety of movements and training modalities that will broaden your health and fitness. Whether you are brand new to exercise or a top level athlete we have the fitness programme for you and our coaches will give you constant guidance throughout your training.

”The crew @CrossfitGalleon have something that you just don’t get in other gyms,
they have developed a community of people that support and encourage eachother.
There’s a mindset here that inspires progress. Nathan and Kris have cultivated a culture
that is welcoming and exciting to be a part of. Ever since I stepped on deck at Crossfit
Galleon I’ve seen nothing but GAINZ.”

Dan Thomas – CrossFit Galleon Member